• About Us
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    In the shadow of Table Mountain lies a group of dedicated people working timelessly to ensure the South African dogs gets to keep up with the latest fashion trends and looks the very best that he can be!

    Our goal is simple: To provide the best selection of specialty dog products including, dog apparels, dog collars, dog beds, dog carriers and many more unique dog accessories. Here with Dog’s Life, you'll discover that we dedicate a tremendous amount of resources to product research and development so that we can deliver the finest collection of merchandise. Whether you are searching for a fancy dog collar or an Italian cashmere sweater for your favourite friend you can be sure that each item receives our stamp of approval.

    The Dog’s Life team firmly believe that dogs are people too (except, maybe a bit more hairier) and that your dog is the only thing that loves you more than he loves himself. So, why not treat them and pamper them in the styles that they deserve.

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  • Where The Fun Starts
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    We started our company, 2006 in Cape Town, in the believe that a Dog's Life can also be a good life! Hence we created our own brand of which we believe the products we make, represent the style of living that our pets deserve. You can have friends and families, but your pet only has YOU. You are the whole world to them!
    The most important idea about our products is that we are very different from your ordinary pet accessories that you would normally find. You will find that we have put in a tremendous amount of details and thoughts into whichever product we design. Whether it is little elastics to ensure better fits, or zips to ensure better washing, longer lasting beds, we make sure that our designs are the best out there!

    We also wanted to introduce this idea to people, the idea that pet products don’t have to be dull and boring and only functional. It could also be a fun and exciting experience to shop for pets! It is our goal to offer our customers high end, uniquely designed pet apparels, the best customer service and the most unique and innovative pet products in the South African industry.
  • Our Philosophy
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    At Dog's Life we strive to provide high quality products that reflect the love and respect we have our hairy friends and celebrates the happiness they bring into our lives. Comfort at all times is imperative, as is looking gorgeous best in your Dog's Life gear!
  • Our Models
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    Sushi, he is one of our first dedicated full time model! He loves fish and picks fights with little crawling insects around the house (he always wins). He's now in heaven, and watching over Dog's Life from above. We miss you Sushi!
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    Misu, he's a naughty little Pekingese! If you find your expensive shoe missing, or find torn news paper all over the garden, you can be 99.9% sure Misu did it (he doesn't admit it though). Besides all that, he's a very professional dog apparel model. We have to give him credit for that!
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    Sweet Potato and Dun:

    Dun is the happy and energetic tomboy! Although Sweet Potato is the boss, she's the lady queen in da house! She loves chawing on cabbage when watching movies or soapy.

    Sweet Potato's da boss! Don't be fooled by his friendly grin, his bites really hurts! Be warned, don't pull him out of his bed for photo shoot when he's having his afternon naps….
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    Takami loves his rice and enjoy his afternoon naps in one of the Dog's Life comfy beds. He is also the sensitive one. He gets really upset if you put him in anything ugly! (Not that we have anything ugly). He looks best on camera and he knows it!
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    We love animals. On this blog you will find stories about Dog's Life, our latest products, useful tips, trends and fashion for our four-legged kids, and lots of photos! Our job here is to offer tips, ideas and insipation for making your "life with dog" easier and more enjoyable. I hope you will stop by, introduce yourself and tell me all about your life with your furry, four-legged kids!

    Wags & purrs!

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