Things to do with Dogs in South Africa

Things to do with Dogs in South Africa
We at Dog’s Life are always doing our best to ensure that you get top tips and relevant information to make life with your pet the absolute best it can be. And we know that going out an about with your pet can be challenging in the city.
Here we round up how to spend a day with your precious pooch, doing all you want to do and still getting to see friends and loved ones. Get ready for some howlingly good fun!


Start your day off with your bestie by taking Fido for a walk and enjoy the smell of the early summer scents. There is nothing better than soaking up the morning dappled sunshine while Fluffy runs around saying “Hello!” to other pooches and rolling in the grass. But, be warned – not all parks are dog friendly!
There are plenty of  pet friendly parks and hikes that you can do with your four-legged pal all over the country so take advantage of our parks and beautiful natural splendour and spend your morning or afternoon in our great outdoors.

Whine and Dine
There are a ton of fantastic restaurants and eateries in and around South African cities. However, when you get peckish there is no reason for you not to take your beloved hound with.
Whether you are in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban you are spoilt for choice of wonderful dog friendly restaurants to curb your appetite.

Making Waves
If you are lucky enough to live by the sea then you have a treat coming with the advent of summer. Take your fluffy companion to the beach for a stroll, swim, game of fetch or even a surf session.

There are ample dog friendly beaches in South Africa to explore. Remember to clean up after Fido though!

Jump Around
Make sure that when you and your canine double are out and about that you supply him or her with plenty of good treats and fresh water, and ensure lots of fun toys and are available to play with. Check that your car is comfortable for your dog and that the window is open enough to let in fresh air.

Need some toys for walks and the beach? We stock a range of fun and stimulating toys for your dog that will have the other dogs howling for a go and make him or her the envy of the lot.