The Dog-Friendly Guide to Road Trips

The Dog-Friendly Guide to Road Trips

All dog owners know that bringing your pets along for the holiday is part of the fun of travel. But, of course, travelling with a pet in the car can sometimes be quite stressful but with these handy tips, it doesn't have to be! Whether you’re headed away for a weekend at the beach, a camping trip, or week-long stay at a cabin in the mountains, taking your dog on your trip should be a wonderful treat, not a chore! 

Plan your stops

Travelling in a car with your dog is easy really. It's all about considering what your dog needs at home and then finding a way to deliver that when you're on the road. Consider your dog's unique needs and personality when at home and then assess how you will be able to deliver a similar environment or creature comforts while you're travelling. For example, some of us can ride in a car for hours without needing to take a break but your dog might need a few more breaks than the average human. Consider your pup's usual schedule at home. If your dog stays inside during the day when you’re at work, then your pooch will probably do well with just a quick walk when you stop for petrol. But, if your dog is used to spending a lot of time outside then plan to stop at a local park for lunch and let your furry friend run around for a half hour.

Don't forget the essentials:

Preparing for comfortable road trips is a breeze if you fill a “doggy backpack” with all the items your dog needs. These include food and treats, food and water dishes, any special medications your dog needs, leash, toys, as well as your dog's bed and bedding. If you have space you could also consider packing a foldable pop-up kennel for smaller breeds. These are perfect for short trips away. Don't forget that dogs also need their own special space, even in the car. Pick a spot in the car that’s your dog’s exclusive domain, whether it's in the dog-friendly boot or on the back seat. Once you arrive at your destination make sure you also designate a special and quiet corner for his favourite pet bed and toys. 

Before you hit the road:

There's also lots of preparation you can do before you hit the road. Before your trip, make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations and vet exams to prevent health emergencies on the road. Don’t forget to also pack vet records and contact information in your doggy backpack in case you need it in an emergency. Another must is an anchored harness or a pet carrier. Yes, dogs need seatbelts too!Allowing your dog to roam freely in the car is dangerous for both of you so make sure your dog is buckled up.

Follow these easy tips to make your next road trip with your dog as easy as pie! Have some of your own road trip pet tips to share? Comment below and tell us how you prepare for a road trip with your dog.